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Exceed Digital’s custom automation eliminates tedious tasks and workflows, better integrate systems, boost employee morale, and much more.

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Inefficient processes can have an enormous negative impact on the productivity of a business. According to research by IDC, companies lose between 20% and 30% of their revenue every year due to inefficiencies. How much money could your business save by eliminating those roadblocks?

The best way to improve inefficient business processes is with a digital transformation from Exceed Digital. For over 20 years, we’ve been developing tailor-made solutions that help businesses manage time-wasting operations, consolidate long and complex tasks into intuitive workflows, and discover new levels of efficiency.


Increased Productivity and Efficiency

There are a variety of business processes that are ripe for automation. Any process that doesn’t need human intervention is a good candidate, so are tedious jobs that drain employee morale, or tasks that need to remain error-free across your organization.

Exceed Digital helps solve complex business problems through automation

  • Eliminate data silos
  • Reduce employee error
  • Better integrate systems and services
  • Remove troublesome productivity bottlenecks

These are just some of the problems that Exceed Digital can help you solve. All our flat-rate, completely customized solutions start with a detailed analysis phase, in which we’ll help you determine which inefficient business processes can be automated. Then we’ll devise an intelligent strategy to relive your business of that burden.

  • Traditional Approach

    Manual processes Siloed data Departmental division

  • Exceed Digital Approach

    Strategically automated processes Universally accessible data via API integrations Cross-domain collaboration

Provide a Consistent and Rewarding Customer Experience

The ability to provide a positive customer experience is one of the factors that separates successful businesses from less successful ones. Because most customer interactions are now mediated by technology, companies must strive to provide the most personal, fulfilling, and meaningful digital interactions possible. Custom automation from Exceed Digital can help make that possible.

Here are just a few ways that our automation solutions can improve your customer experience

  • automatic check in icon
    Automatic check-in emails and customer satisfaction surveys
  • Personalize communication drawing information from databases icon
    Personalize communication drawing information from databases
  • Facilitate customer interactions with electronic forms, chatbots etc. icon
    Facilitate customer interactions with electronic forms, chatbots etc.

It’s not just sales and marketing processes that create a better customer experience. By automating back-end business processes and better coordinating the departments in your organization, you can provide a more standardized service to your clients, helping them find the reliable customer experience they desire.

Improve Employee Morale

Your employees don’t like doing boring, repetitive tasks. They drain employee energy, lead to staff disengagement, and contribute to burnout. Automating this low-value work not only helps your business save time and money, but it also helps provide them with the right condition to flourish and feel excited about their jobs.

Good morale is important for all workers in the modern workplace, who have high hopes and expectations from the workplace. Providing them with access to cutting-edge tools that minimize the repetitive drudgery of their workday has the demonstrated effect of driving greater satisfaction, providing your business with additional benefits.

Reduce Operational Costs

Human labor is expensive. That’s why forward-thinking businesses are eager to adopt automation to help them reduce the workload of staff members. This not only helps boost productivity and improve employee satisfaction, but it also helps businesses save money.

  • Eliminate tedious paperwork and replace it with secure digital processes
  • Mitigate spreadsheet mistakes and other forms of costly human error
  • Reduce dependency on low-skill or contract workers to handle peak work periods

There’s a perception that automation is only for large enterprises with millions of dollars to spend on IT, but nothing could be further from the truth. In many cases, automation can be even more impactful at small and midsized businesses than they are at enterprises, as staff at smaller companies tend to wear more hats and work under greater pressure.

Your Next Automation Project, Executed by a Team of Seasoned Technologists

While automation is largely a technical process, there is a vital human component to it as well. To ensure the success of your automation projects, you’ll need a combination of leadership skills, organization, and cultural understanding — in addition to world-class technical skills.


Exceed Digital has a time-tested process for ensuring the success of automation projects

  • automation-ic

    Define your business processes

  • automation-ic1

    Prioritize inefficiencies processes and identify key stakeholders

  • automation-ic2

    Develop a first version of the automation

  • automation-ic3

    Deploy, gather metrics and feedback, then iterate

  • automation-ic4

    Final delivery and ongoing support

While we approach the automation process in careful, successive steps, we also understand that the goal for every transformation is to start providing immediate business benefit. To help you achieve this benefit, the Exceed Digital team delivers a useable version of your automation as soon as possible, then iterates on that first version through rounds of feedback from your team.

  • Automations-yield-business-results
    Business process automation that yield results

    Not tying your automation project to a strong business case is one of the chief roadblocks to ROI. By carefully estimating timeframe and costs, the Exceed Digital team uses its expertise to help you determine which of your processes are ready for automation, and which will provide you the best possible return on investment.

  • Partnership-for-holistic icons
    Partnership for holistic digital transformation

    Automating critical business processes will require your staff to learn new ways of working, which if unaddressed could derail your project. Exceed Digital can help you identify resistors, proactively address their concerns, and communicate the technical and non-technical benefit of the project across your organization, effectively addressing the cultural component.

Exceed Digital is Your Automation and Digital Transformation Partner

For over 20 years, Exceed Digital has provided flat-rate digital transformation and custom software services to small, midsized, and large businesses across the United States. If you’re a company that’s interested in automating a process — or has another digital transformation project in mind — we encourage you to reach out and speak with our experts.

The friendly Exceed Digital team is always available and eager to answer your questions! You can reach us anytime at: 212-299-7663 or .

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