Maximize Productivity & Efficiency with a Custom Software Solution

When your business has critical requirements that commercial software cannot meet, Exceed Digital will develop a powerful and custom solution to take your growth to the next level.

Custom Software Solutions For Organizations Who Are Not Satisfied With Off-The-Shelf Tools To Streamline Their Business Processes and Operations

As your business evolves and grows, often, businesses discover that off-the-shelf software can’t provide the functionality required to thrive and be most efficient. Exceed Digital develops custom software solutions that help businesses address their biggest challenges and achieve new levels of efficiency and success.

Software That’s Designed for Business Impact

Every custom software project has a technical, human, and business dimension. We want your software to function properly, help your staff work and collaborate more effectively, while also contributing as much as possible to your bottom-line. We pay equal attention to each of these factors throughout the development process.


Exceed Digital provides clients with an interactive, clickable version of their software as quickly as possible, allowing us to gather feedback and complete development based on your exact goals and needs.

How You Benefit from Custom Business Software

Custom software from Exceed Digital helps you solve a wide range of business issues.

  • 1
    Automate repetitive tasks

    Automating critical processes reduces error, eliminates manual work, and removes barriers to growth

  • 2
    Workflows designed for your business

    Custom software is purpose-built to support the way you and your team work best

  • 3
    Discover new areas of value

    Unlock hidden insight about your business and customers from your business data

  • 6
    Integrate people, processes, and technology

    We build software that focuses on collaboration - maximizing your organization’s ability to innovate and compete.

Software Development is Our Passion

Exceed Digital, a division of LLC is a team of developers and creative problem solvers who are passionate about helping businesses realize their true potential through custom software. As a long-term partner to businesses and organizations across the country, we bring 20 years of custom software experience across many diverse companies and industries to each engagement.

Your trusted software development partner for any project

  • 5
    Web applications

    Our experience building web applications means that you get customized software that’s easy to deploy into any environment, updates with ease, and provides maximum security in all today’s popular web browsers.

  • 6
    Desktop applications

    Though web applications are increasingly standard, many businesses still rely on custom desktop applications to empower staff members without reliable Internet connections, like those working outside the office in areas with poor connectivity.

  • 7
    Mobile applications

    Businesses are looking at mobile applications to build and nurture audiences, encourage teamwork, and improve their customer experience. We can help you achieve all those goals with an app delivered by Exceed’s team of software development experts.

  • 8
    Legacy software modernization

    Porting functionality from old to new software helps you improve the stability of your network infrastructure and eliminate a dangerous security liability. It can also help you gain better control of your infrastructure, lower costs, and eases system maintenance tasks.

Customized Enterprise Resource Planning

Customizing an existing ERP solution will improve its usefulness, helping you automate and simplify company processes, better integrate different data sources and types, and increase security. The Exceed Digital development team can dig into a business problem, then build an ERP customization that helps your system meet your changing business needs.

Improved Accountability and Compliance

To ensure strong security and compliance, your business must hold all staff members accountable for their activity. Exceed Digital can build custom software that increases network transparency and auditing, providing admins and users of custom applications detailed information about who creates, reads, updates, or deletes company files.

Why We Love the Agile Development Method

Exceed Digital is an enthusiastic proponent of the agile 7 method, which provides clients with an efficient, transparent and fluid software development experience.


Analyze and Plan

Our team sits down with yours to learn about your business and the problems you want to solve. After we have a thorough understanding of your goals, our development team gets to work planning the interface and underlying business logic of your software.
We provide you with high-resolution screens of how we envision the actual software interface upon delivery as soon as possible. This gets the entire team’s creative juices flowing and allows clients to provide early feedback – even before the first line of code is written.

Design and Develop

After we’ve gathered the first round of feedback, we start to develop a minimum viable product (MVP), which is an interactive first version of the software. Though it won’t be fully functional with all the “bells and whistles,” interacting with the MVP will allow you to experience the new software and provide us with more critical feedback to optimize the user experience.
Depending on scope and complexity, he Exceed Digital team can often deliver a stripped-down first version of your software in just a few months.

Test and Support

We don’t ever really “finish” working on your software. For as long as you need, we’ll continue to gather rounds of feedback, implement new features, and ensure it works properly on your network. That commitment to on-going support ensures your custom software never stops providing an optimal return on investment.

Strong Support by a Long-Term Partner

Most companies don’t realize that changing a business process or workflow can cause even custom software solutions to be inefficient. If there’s nobody available to adapt the software to their new needs – workflows are stuck conforming to pre-defined business logic., In addition, as time progresses, security vulnerabilities or instability may present themselves as the underlying platforms and libraries evolve.

Because custom software requires hands-on maintenance, we built vigilant support into our flat-rate software development model. Exceed Digital provides full, on-going access to a team of developers who can ensure your software always works properly, has the latest security updates, and is perfectly aligned with your latest business goals.

Updated Features and Functionality

Your business is going to evolve, so your custom software should evolve with it. Every month, the Exceed Digital team will help you prioritize and implement new features based on your changing business needs so that your team has access to the functionality they need to stay competitive and productive.

Exceed Digital – Trusted Nationwide for Custom Software Development

If you’re a business that wants to learn more about the many benefits that custom software can offer, we encourage you to reach out to our team and learn more. The Exceed Digital staff is passionate about helping businesses realize the incredible power of custom software and would be happy to learn more about your goals.

Contact us any time at 212-299-7663 or to discuss how we can help.

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