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Digital Transformation Solutions For Businesses Looking To Become More Efficient, Agile and Productive

Digital transformation means using the latest technologies to rethink old operating processes, make business more intelligent and agile, while also better responding to customer and market demands. In the age of rapid digitization, having a clear transformation strategy is vital to a business’s long-term growth and prosperity.

Organizations of all sizes trust the team at Exceed Digital to provide them with the same skills and expertise that a sophisticated IT department would provide a large enterprise, bringing a level of consistency and confidence to the digital transformation process they couldn’t achieve on their own.

Why are businesses making digital transformation a top priority?

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    Eliminate Inefficiencies

    Streamline internal workflows, automate repetitive tasks, and allow your staff to focus on high-value work.

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    Greater Productivity

    Empowered by the latest digital technologies, your staff can communicate and collaborate to get more done.

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    Better Staff and Customer Experience

    Providing a good customer experience is now the primary goal of most businesses. So is engaging employees via cutting-edge tools and techniques that build a strong sense of teamwork.

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    Streamlined Reporting and Decision Making

    Stop using error-prone, inefficient spreadsheets and embrace modern business intelligence solutions for more intuitive, sophisticated analytics.


Digital Transformation with Clarity and Confidence

Businesses across all industries are eager to embark on their own digital transformation, but many of these initiatives don’t deliver on their promise. According to the consulting firm, McKinsey, over 70% of digital transformation projects fail to reach their goals.

By combining the right products, strategy and technology expertise, Exceed Digital helps businesses realize the greatest benefit from their digital transformation efforts, free from doubt or uncertainty.

  • Transparent-budgeting
    Transparent budgeting

    The Exceed Digital team will guide every facet of your digital transformation strategy, so you invest in only technologies that provide your business with lasting positive impact.

  • seasoned-experts
    A team of seasoned experts

    From consultants to guide your digital transformation strategy, to the world-class engineering staff to proactively support your technology, we have the skills to ensure the success of any digital transformation initiative.

  • guide-for-cultural-transformation
    A guide for cultural transformation

    Our personable team can help with the intangible aspects of digital transformation, helping your decision-makers and staff adapt to new processes and find greater assurance and morale in the digital era.

System Automation and Integration

Many businesses are still saddled with legacy tools and out-of-date workflows, which put a great strain on business efficiency and productivity. A fundamental aspect of digital transformation is automating cumbersome, employee morale-killing processes and integrating these new workflows across your entire organization.

The team of developers at Exceed Digital can analyze the needs and goals of your business, then build custom automation to bring legacy systems and workflows up to modern standards.

  • Streamline workers efficiency by integrating legacy systems with new ones
  • Reduce human error and improve consistency to deliver better customer service
  • A customized approach based on your company’s unique architecture and strategy
  • Ongoing support as your technology partner to ensure lasting optimization

When handled improperly, process automation and integrations can backfire, causing you service disruption and further impeding efficiency. As seasoned professionals, the Exceed Digital team can help you plan your strategy and design your solution to be most effective for your specific needs.

Exceed Digital helps ensure a smooth, worry-free automation development process 

  • Define an automation strategy to minimize wasted effort and uncertainty 
  • Employ application security best practices to meet any need or compliance standard 
  • Smooth knowledge transfer to ensure employees are prepared for new processes 

We Make Building a World-Class Websites Accessible

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    50 milliseconds (that’s 0.05 seconds) - that’s the time it takes for users to form an opinion about your website that determines whether they like your site or not.

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    75% of consumers admit to making judgments on a company’s credibility based on the company’s website design

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    A study found that 94% of negative website feedback was design related

Positive customer experience is one of the major focal points of all digital transformation initiatives. Having an attractive, fully functional and tasteful user experience optimized website is a central component of providing that glowing exposure to customers and prospects.

Thankfully, building a world-class website doesn’t have to mean large up-front fees and a confusing development cycle. Instead, Exceed Digital has pioneered a new method of delivering beautiful, fully customized websites for a single, flat monthly fee.

  • Stunning, custom-made websites designed for results, developed for endurance on an industry-standard CMS platform with ongoing support and cloud hosting
  • Preliminary SEO assessments and implementation of technical best practices for an optimized web property
  • Ongoing website content updates when you submit written contents to us (includes page updates, news posts, articles, blogs etc.)
  • Site visual refresh every 3+ years upon request

Customized Websites by a Team of Seasoned Developers and Designers

Some digital marketing agencies build websites that use pre-existing templates or designs, but that’s not the way we do things. We want your website to make the strongest impression on your prospects possible. That means we dig deep into your business, analyze competitors’ sites and build a website from the ground-up to support your business goals, both in terms of technical functionality and visual appeal.

  • Responsive web design ready for mobile and desktop visitors

  • Professional creativity optimized for readability and usability

Drive Stronger Employee Engagement with a Compelling Intranet

Employee engagement is vital to the knowledge economy, yet over 70% of employees don’t consider themselves engaged in their current jobs. The intranet has evolved into a dynamic platform that helps improve employee engagement, offering more opportunities for creativity, communication, and teamwork.

Exceed Digital is an experienced designer of high-quality, custom intranet solutions. Our intranet solutions provide you with all the benefits of custom Intranet for a flat monthly fee, so you can budget with confidence

  • Drive engagement with a robust, unified cloud platform to break down department silos
  • Comprehensive company event management that includes calendars, lists, registrations and more
  • Host internal resources like FAQs and Wikis, corporate policy documents and many more
  • Recognize individual and departmental success via intranet timeline and posts

Business Intelligence for Richer Reporting and Analytics


Business Intelligence (BI) platforms help you collect, organize, and visualize business data. By replacing error-prone, inefficient spreadsheets with a best-in-class business intelligence platform, you empower your team to reduce risk, uncover actionable insights, and make better business decisions.

BI implementation takes a highly specialized set of skills, which is why many companies trust the experts at Exceed Digital. We have a documented process for every stage of BI deployment, helping our clients avoid common pitfalls and produce reliable results.

  • Great-User-Experience
    A great user experience

    To optimize your BI platform, we’ll help you customize your BI solution so that it accommodates the workflows and habits of your staff.

  • Data-Quality-&-Governance
    Reliable data quality & governance

    Our data experts can help you locate and clean the raw data for your BI solutions, so that it yields reliable, high-quality output.

  • Monitoring-and-Maintenance
    On-going monitoring and maintenance

    To get sustained benefit from your BI solutions, we’ll help provide ongoing monitoring of your platform’s performance - which includes regular maintenance to account for changes in your data sets, reporting & KPI requirements, and other processes.

Learn More about Digital Transformation with Exceed Digital

Exceed Digital helps companies face digital transformation with maximum competence, skills, and readiness. If you want to know more about how digital transformation can improve your organization’s efficiency and productivity, the friendly experts at Exceed Digital can help.

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