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Exceed Digital creates and manages beautiful, fully customized websites for a single, flat monthly fee.

Managed Website Solutions for Businesses That Want Powerful, Beautifully-Designed Web Assets to Attract More Customers

Most businesses know that they need a good website to grow and thrive. Research shows that the vast majority of potential customers look at your website before deciding to contact you and will give you just fractions of a second to make a positive impression.

Thankfully, building an impressive website doesn’t require the huge up-front fee that most top agencies charge. Instead, Exceed Digital has pioneered a new method of delivering beautiful, fully customized websites for a predictable price.

A Design Process That Produces World-Class Websites


We’ve developed a unique, flat-rate approach to developing powerful custom websites that engages your users pixel by pixel. The Exceed Digital solution not only provides you with a visually engaging, expertly designed website; it also gives you access to all the support and maintenance you need to maximize its impact and longevity.

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    We charge a small, fixed one-time fee to begin the process, which includes a thorough analysis of your competition, a creative brief, and a new sitemap. All these deliverables combine to provide a blueprint for the layout and design of your new website.

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    Based on the approved creative brief, the Exceed Digital design team will work with your decision-makers to develop a visual identity for your homepage, going through as many iterations as it takes to make it perfect. After we’ve determined the right aesthetic for the homepage, we’ll apply similar design elements and style throughout the other pages on your website - reinforcing your brand and building cohesiveness.

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    Based on the feedback we receive from your staff, our team of developers and designers gets to work and begin coding your site, checking in with you frequently to gather additional feedback.

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    After rounds of revision and improvement, your new website is finished and ready to go live!

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    Ongoing updates and maintenance

    Exceed Digital will provide regular updates and maintenance – like adding new pages, news articles, and staff updates — to ensure that your site remains vibrant and always projects a uniform, professional image.

Managed Website Service That Provides Everything You Need

managed website

Do you have a plan for your website after it is live? Many businesses cannot properly manage a cutting-edge website, keep it updated, or fix any problem that arises due to lack of time, skills, manpower or other resources. Exceed Digital is your long-term website partner who will handle every aspect of website maintenance for you – on time, every time.

  • The proactive hosting of OS and CMS patching to ensure performance
  • Cloud hosting, including redundant backups, malware scanning, and firewall management
  • Work with your marketing service providers to ensure they have the tools needed to utilize the website in creating successful campaigns
  • Ongoing website updates when you submit written content to us (includes page updates, news posts, articles, blogs, etc.)
  • Site design refresh every 3+ years upon request

We Give You a Truly Unique Presence on the Web

Many digital agencies will build your website using pre-existing templates or stock designs. If you want to make an impression on prospects truly, that’s not going to help you achieve any meaningful goal.

In contrast, the team of designers and developers at Exceed Digital will dig deep into your business and build you a website that is built from the ground-up to meet your business needs in terms of technical functionality and visual appeal. We do not use cookie-cutter templates or collaterals to design your website.

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    Responsive web design ready for mobile and desktop visitors
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    Dynamic and creative templates optimized for readability and usability

Best-In-Class Websites That Employ Today’s Best Practices

Having a quality website that is built for stability, functionality and longevity is crucial to get a positive ROI from your investment. But it’s also just as important that your website looks great and draws prospects in, so visitors can learn more about your business and begin to form trust in your company as experts at your craft

We employ today’s best practices to maximize the business impact of your site.

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    Develop user personas and stories

    Understanding who your prospects are, how they arrive at your website, and what journey they take to become a client of yours eventually is vital to your website design. The team at Exceed Digital will help gain these insights and instill them deep into its fabric or design and implementation.

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    Red route analysis

    In website and user interface design, a red route is a critical task that guides your visitor’s actions. Identifying those routes, then constructing your website around them helps maximize prospect engagement on the site.

A Single Point of Contact for Digital Marketing Services

An attractive, informative website is the most powerful marketing collateral a business can have. We can work with your internal team members or external vendors to make any changes you need to your website. Hired an SEO agency and need some of their recommendations implemented? We can get that done for you. Want to add some tracking codes your PPC agency suggested? Our team will make that happen too.

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    Digital marketing vendor recommendation and selection

    As a company, if you decide to use vendors or digital marketing agencies to boost your online marketing, Exceed Digital can help you choose a quality digital marketing partner and provide any technical services required as part of their website implementation strategy.

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    Email / website integrations

    Email and email marketing offer the highest ROI of any digital marketing channels. To maximize the effectiveness of your email collection efforts, we can help integrate it into your new website, install forms to help you capture email addresses, and ensure those integrations stay functioning properly.

Exceed Digital — The Easiest Way to an Outstanding Website

We’re passionate about connecting with businesses and showing them the benefit of Exceed Digital’s unique website development service. If you’re a small or midsized business that wants to invest in a new website but is skeptical about the high up-front fees associated with traditional agencies, give us a call!

The Exceed Digital team is always available at or 212-299-7663, and would love to answer your questions! Let’s discuss your project today.

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