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Managed Business Intelligence Solutions for Companies That Want Access to Higher Quality Data Insights

Business Intelligence (BI) platforms help you collect, organize, and visualize business data. By replacing traditional business reporting tools like Microsoft Excel with a BI platform, you empower your team to quickly uncover actionable insights that produce a range of positive business impacts. BI solutions can help you:

  • Assess risk
  • Locate and exploit areas of opportunity
  • Reduce costs

BI implementation takes a specialist set of skills, which is why many companies trust the experts at Exceed Digital. We have a documented process for every stage of BI deployment.


Like all other Exceed Digital solutions, we provide business intelligence services for a predictable flat-fee, which includes all the work that goes into building and maintaining a high-quality BI platform. Want to find out more regarding what’s included? Feel free to ask us a question!

Create Smart, Impactful Business Reports with Ease

Microsoft Power BI and other leading business intelligence platforms help you create and share custom data visualizations to support any business project. After your data sources are properly connected to the platform, you’ll see your data come to life through custom bars, columns, pie charts, and much more.

The Power and Simplicity of Dashboards

Organizing visualizations into dashboards helps you display all the important information for a project or initiative in a single, easily shareable location. We can help you create dashboards for every department and type of user in your organization, apply machine learning algorithms to your collected data, and use advanced features like filtering to help you explore the relationships between important data points.

  • Visually explore and analyze data
  • Flexibly configure dashboards for each team
  • 1
    Keep mobile and remote employees up to date
  • 2
    Reduce tedious email traffic between staff
  • 3
    Provide timely intelligence to your entire staff

Secure Sharing of Business Intelligence and Reports

Microsoft Power BI and similar platforms let you share dashboards across your organization. Not only is sharing these reports and visualizations easier than before, but it’s also much more secure. The latest generation of BI platform features high-granularity security to prevent unauthorized users from seeing the information they don’t have permission to view, a degree of security that’s difficult to achieve with spreadsheet programs.

  • 4

    We can use your BI platform to build reports and create data visualizations

  • 5

    Collaboratively model data published reports, and share content

  • 6

    Securely embed BI visualizations in a range of applications and devices

Eliminate Obsolete, Error-Prone Spreadsheets

Many companies still rely on Microsoft Excel to create business reports, but that’s generally not a good idea. Without true mastery of Excel, your staff could create a substandard or inaccurate report that leads to poor business decisions.

  • 7
    Dueling spreadsheets

    Spreadsheets were not built with security or integrity in mind. Because they offer no reliable way to audit changes, some experts believe as many as 88% of all spreadsheets contain an error. This is especially common when spreadsheets aren’t being stored in a centralized location or passed back and forth between employees by email.

  • 8
    Microsoft Excel is not built for business intelligence

    Microsoft Excel is a complex program that’s capable of amazing things, but it also has a steep learning curve and is highly error-prone, which is why the average company spends 12 hours a month maintaining and fact-checking spreadsheets . Compare this time to the intuitive workflows and efficiency of a customized BI platform, and there’s no question which is the superior option.

Exceed Digital is an Expert in Creating BI Success

According to research firm Gartner, as many as 80% of BI projects fail to deliver maximum value. There are numerous reasons why a BI project might fail, from organizational and cultural problems to a lack of clean, reliable data sources.

Exceed Digital has years of experience creating BI success and can help you avoid those pitfalls. Here are just a few of the ways we can help ensure your project produces the results you want.

  • 9
    Achieve the right user experience

    To ensure that your BI platform plays the optimal role in your business operations, we’ll help you choose a solution that matches your working style, then take the time to design and configure the interface and dashboards to accommodate your employee habits and expectations.

  • 10
    Reliable data quality & governance

    As part of our BI service, Exceed Digital can help you locate and clean the best raw data, so that your BI solution yields reliable, high-quality output.

  • 11
    On-going monitoring and maintenance

    To get sustained benefit from your BI solutions, we’ll help provide ongoing monitoring of your platform’s performance, such as conducting regular maintenance to account for changes in your data sets, reporting & KPI requirements, and other processes.


Exceed Digital Creates World-Class Business Intelligence Solutions

If your business or organization would like to extract more value from your data, Exceed Digital is the partner to help you do it. We’ve helped businesses implement cutting-edge BI solutions that meet a wide variety of needs and love sharing our expertise with companies who are new to the field.

Have a question about how to achieve better business intelligence? The Exceed Digital team is always available to answer your questions!

Contact us any time at 212-299-7663 or to find out how a custom BI solution can help you achieve more.


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