Build Strong Team Unity and Engagement with a Stunning Company Intranet For the Modern Workplace

A customized intranet is a vital part of your company’s successful digital transformation.

Managed Intranet Solutions for Organizations That Want to Increase Employee Engagement and Improve Company Culture

Originally designed as an internal website to post company news, the modern intranet has evolved into a dynamic platform that facilitates creativity and collaboration, drives employee engagement, helps companies build a stronger culture, and leads to higher levels of productivity.

Exceed Digital is a specialist designer of high-quality, custom intranet solutions. For years, we’ve been using Microsoft SharePoint to help businesses realize the power and benefit of a well-designed intranet, bringing a potent set of skills and resources to each intranet process for a single, flat monthly fee.

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Robust Intranets Drive Better Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is an important part of the knowledge economy, yet almost 70% of employees don’t consider themselves engaged at work. A well-designed company intranet helps staff feel part of a team and valued, which in turn provides you with higher worker morale, leading to greater productivity and loyalty.

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    Stronger communication and collaboration

    Typically, staff in different departments have few opportunities to build a strong relationship. Having an intranet can help facilitate communication between those different groups, ensuring that company events are promoted and attended and helping you to build a sense of camaraderie across your entire organization.

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    Functionality for any goal or requirement

    Custom intranets from Exceed Digital are built to meet your specific needs and come packed with whatever functionality you need to drive engagement. Give your staff the ability to access and search company resources quickly, or use it to create customized feeds, timelines, events calendars, announcements, and so much more!

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    A more impactful human resources (HR) experience

    In the hands of your human resources (HR) department, a custom Intranet can be an invaluable tool for driving increased engagement, ranging from improved event planning and registration planning to and self-help capabilities, to ensuring remote workers feel part of the team and avoid premature burn-out. And because they can see which resources get the best response — and which pages don’t — HR can tailor their activities to pique employee enthusiasm.


Internal Communications That Staff Love

Employee engagement is an important part of the knowledge economy, yet almost 70% of employees don’t consider themselves engaged at work. A well-designed company intranet helps staff feel part of a team and valued, which in turn provides you with higher worker morale, leading to greater productivity and loyalty.

  • Drive engagement with messaging and forums
  • Create listicles, FAQs, and Wikis to share information
  • Promote individual and organizational successes
  • Gamify projects by offering points, certificates, and rewards

Streamline Project Management Processes

Ensuring that company projects are done on time, on budget, and to the required standards is a time-consuming, complex process. Intranets supplement your existing project management processes, enabling leaders to organize, execute, and manage company projects with greater efficiency.

  • Create a central repository for documents and files
  • Discuss projects and share information with ease
  • Track the status of projects and resolve issues
  • Gamify projects by offering points, certificates, and rewards

Exceed Digital is a Recognized Expert in Microsoft SharePoint

We’re enthusiastic about Microsoft’s robust ecosystem, and that includes their intranet solution, Microsoft SharePoint. Companies that are already deeply invested in the Microsoft environment appreciate that we can build SharePoint intranet solutions that integrate with Office 365 and the company’s other popular applications.

There are many reasons business love SharePoint for their intranet:

  • Powerful search capabilities
  • World-class security features
  • Intuitive content management makes updates easy
  • Exceptional functionality meets the convenience of O365 licenses

Your Digital Transformation. Empowered by a Powerfully-Built Intranet


Digital transformation is a term used to describe the many ways that businesses are using digital technologies to improve upon existing processes or create new processes that improve their operations

As a central hub of information that touches every department and employee in your company, an intranet is perfectly situated to play a central role in your digital transformation — if it’s designed properly. Exceed Digital is a partner that companies across the country trust to build customized intranet solutions that smooth the digital transformation process.

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    Build digital workspaces with your intranet as a centerpiece
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    Use the intranet to guide employees through your company’s digital transormation

Flat-Fee, Custom Intranet Development from Exceed Digital

In addition to the latest features, a modern intranet must be sleek, well-designed, and provide a compelling user experience.

For over twenty years, Exceed Digital has combined world-class software development expertise with the latest user interface and user experience best practices, providing clients with a comprehensive intranet development solution, all for a flat monthly fee.

If your company wants to unify staff, promote a strong culture, and embrace digital transformation with the power of a custom intranet, we encourage you to reach out for more information. The friendly team at Exceed Digital is always eager to help businesses work smarter and more efficiently with the power of a custom intranet.

Call us anytime at 212-299-7663 or to discuss your project.

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